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This is Conceptual Crap is a two-nose, two-brain, four-arms and twenty-toe collective that formed in early 2018. It is a platform, vessel, framework and playground created by  Michèle Benz and Tammy Tsang. The collective aims to give a voice to unexpected and unexhibited artworks by anonymous artists in most unusual locations and settings.

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Two and a half human beings



Co-Founding Artist

Michèle is a mover, performer, creator and crapper from Bern, Switzerland, currently based between Switzerland/UK. Having grown up surrounded by musicians, she soon developed a passion not only for music but for theatre, dance, visual arts, literature and anything that brings them together. After a year of studying linguistics, she decided to give in to her urge to move, enrolling at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK) and graduating with a BA Hons. She then moved to Spain to explore more ways of perceiving the world through the body at La Faktoria Choreographic Center in Pamplona.
Next to her regular crapping, she is currently performing and researching interdisciplinary between Switzerland and the UK, meanwhile developing her own teaching practice. Michèle likes to completely blur the lines between genres and styles and aims especially to take the seriously ridiculous ridiculously serious.



Co-Founding Artist

Tammy is a human/mover/creator/performer currently training at Northern School of Contemporary Dance(UK). Tammy strives to be in the place of absurdity and authenticity with her work, embracing the world of contradictions but mainly just trying to understand the senselessness of reality.  As well as dance as an art form, Tammy is also interested in injury prevention and rehabilitation. In 2018, She completed a Level 3 Certificate in Teaching Pilates and is currently training in sports therapy alongside her training at NSCD. This journey started with an injury, where in the humble process of rehabilitation, she learned the importance of mindfulness in her movement practice.
Tammy is a passionate plant whisperer, in her spare time she likes to relax with a cuppa and talk to her plants. Plastic plants are an offense to Tammy (and to the planet).

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